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Google My Business Management (GMB) Services

A verified Google My Business (GMB) listing plays a major marketing role while creating visibility online for your business or service.

With the right approach these listings play a vital role and a very powerful marketing channel that all business should be taking advantage of.

Optimize your current GMB (Google My Business) listing today with GaasDigital Marketing.

Gain visibility and make your mark  on Google Maps.  Make it easy for your customers to engage, get directions and show them what your company or business has to offer. Interact with your customers and get noticed online before your competitors do. Start today! 

Engaging with your customers through Google My Business, you let them be part of your team keeping them informed knowing that you care about their customer experience.

A Google My Business (GMB) listing is just one part of a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy, it that plays a crucial role helping your business or service aligning with searching users. Business listing on Google gives you the ability to engage, share and be part of the customer journey.

Setting up a GMB listing or multiple listings can become very frustrating very fast. Google My Business has almost four thousand (4000) categories and you can only pick one primary category (1). 😰

We will explain some of many benefits of having a listing with example images of search engine results.  

We provide Managed Google My Business listings as well as optimization services, we look forward to hearing from you, get started now.

What’s the Google Guarantee?✅

The Google Guarantee appears above the “map pack” and is a seal of approval in a certification program that Google provides for local businesses. We’ve provided more information on the Google Guarantee Badge with examples.

What’s a Google My Business listing?

Google My Business listing is a free service provided by Google for qualified businesses to help promote, share and interact with customers on Search and Maps. The #1 Marketing channel for local businesses. Not to be confused with a website, Google My Business listing is a Business Profile.

Do you Have a Website? 🖥

Your website should then be aligned with your long term search engine optimization (seo) strategy/goals gaining trust and authority in your service area and being the expert while gaining leads, customers and traffic through the doors. Managing outdated and improper listings needs and should be to optimized across all search engines. Verify, claim and optimize your GMB listings as soon as possible.

Google also provides a free (and paid) website that pulls data from your GMB listing that will compliment your GMB listing as well. 

Is Google My Business Worth It?

Google My Business listing is very much worth your effort and time not to mention, it’s free and is a essential Business listing (maybe not free forever).

Google’s platform of Google My Business is a powerful crucial asset that every business should use, invest in. 

How Do I Get My Business On Google?

  1. Sign into your Google account (make sure you pick the right account or create one) – Google My Business or this handy guide from Google – Get Started
  2. Enter Business name and details, (remember to keep all your listings consistent – NAP) Name, Address, Postal. If it’s already listed, then you need to claim it, and hopefully it’s not already claimed (there are ways to claim the listing again). 

So why Google My Business?

Google is the leader in search engines with staggering statistics not to mention being a “trillion dollar company” with deep learning algorithms that heavily rely or have relied on artificial intelligence (AI).

Google My Business listings generate online traffic driving customers to your business, products and or service and keeping them up-to date, informed and interacting. GaasDigital Marketing go over these details with you during our Assessment Stage detailed at our process page. You can also go to our main page to learn more about what we do and Search Engine Optimization (SEO-Services), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and how we use these methods in our long-term marketing strategy.

Bing also has a business listing portal similar to Google My Business (GMB).

Bing and Yahoo use the same search engine. Difference being Yahoo is more of a portal not a search engine, in fact Microsoft is Bing and that is the search engine used for both Bing and Yahoo. Reply to reviews, keep your customers engaged and encourage them share while keeping them informed.

By having legitimate verified listings across all platforms, this will in turn reward businesses with prominence, building authority equaling more views and customers.

The Google “Map Pack” – “Local Pack”

Let’s face it we all look at the Google “Map Pack” or “Local 3 Pack” at the top of Google in the search engine results page (SERP) searching of products, services, information etc on a Business. This is one reason these listings and google are weeding out organic websites. The ” “Zero Click” which is finding the right information for search in the results page and no further exploration is needed.

Optimized General Google My Business Listing

The image below is a Google Search Result Page (SERP) on desktop = spa treatments Toronto. These listings are top of the search and look at the details and number of reviews. Visibility is obvious and these types of business listings drive customers through the door.

Screen shot for example of results page map local pack google

Scaling your business with Digital Marketing isn’t always feasible and might not be exactly what your business is looking for? Get in touch and take action with GaasDigital Marketing.

A successful seo (search engine optimization) campaign starts with a structured process and a properly verified Google My Business (GMB) listing. It drives customers through the door and helps build your brand. Studies show that Google My Business listings are consistently replacing organic search results and that it that works. Having dedicated team manager helping with Google My Business services should be priority and if you don’t have a website that to is fine as well. Not every business needs a website or has one within their budget.

Google has plenty of listings with no websites and if you’ve been paying attention, it “helps” organically to have both a GMB listing and a website depending on your long term marketing goals. Sometimes all you need is a GMB listing. 

Too many Businesses are letting this massive GMB shift slip by losing out on valuable customers and insights. Google changed a lot of policies and guidelines regarding listings as well such as service areas, verification methods and more all due to Covid-19.

Make it first priority and grasp the marketing potential of Google My Business (GMB). Spam listings, unverified, and multiple listings are doomed to fail. Google’s Guidelines are very ( read between the lines ) vague.

As Business Professionals we cannot nor afford to be penalized or have our pages delisted. That is a priority.

In fact businesses that falsify business Name, Address, Phone Number (NAP) details must work to regain and align those details for Google to see consistency throughout your business.

Features of Google My Business Include:

Google My Business is free to use. However you must have some knowledge and or the time to optimize the listing. You want buyers and users to find your establishment as fast as possible right? Pictures do speak a thousand words. People want to see your Business and or Service. So let them and we can show them.

Not enough businesses are taking advantage of the service google provides while missing out on leads and conversions. Things such as:

  1. Photos
  2. Messaging
  3. Replying to reviews
  4. Mobile App
  5.  Questions & Answers
  6. Bookings
  7. Analytics/Insights
  8. Add Products
  9. Years in Business

Gain customers and exposure

Don’t let your your services, products, promotions, hours of operation etc go un-noticed, having a Google My Business listing is no longer the “spammy, keyword filled, with fake photographs anymore.

Google takes their platforms and service very serious and it requires time to gain back your listing if you had a suspension. You need a Company that you can trust managing or optimizing your listing.

We have great resources and a network of great people that care as much as we do about making the internet great again.

Our GMB Management Services are designed with your long-term gain in mind giving you the best advantage over your competitors. 

It all starts at the local search level with a gmb verified listing. Interacting with your customers has never been easier. Get in touch with us and we can help you gain the exposure you need and deserve.  

Organic Search Results and/or Google My Business (GMB)?

Organic search traffic is having your web pages viewed without paid promotion and is very much a crucial part of SEO (search engine optimization) while it does take time to rank. Optimizing your web pages is crucial because ranking on search results doesn’t happen overnight.

Aligning your Web Pages with your GMB listing will bring a stream of traffic driving clients and customers searching for your businesses or service.

Data on local search intent has shifted, users are now searching for more information on your business/products which may include hours of operation, Covid-19 measures, MAP directions, discounts, events plus a lot more.

Common Google My Business Problems

  • Poorly managed listing
  • To many invalid tries
  • Not sure about account roles – Manager, Owner and Site Manager
  • Employees do change (maybe the person who verified is no longer around)
  • Location Issues
  • Sick of Wasting Time
  • Multi-location

Why Google My Business is Essential?

Searching on Google has become easier especially on a smartphone (mobile) as people are searching on the move or in a hurry wanting information fast. Google is serving up the most relevant information record time even with a map and directions. Finding products, and or service information about local businesses has become more efficient and targeted.

We all seem to have smartphones and or a tablet, of some sort we are searching for information fast and that usually means product(s) and or a service we need or want. These apps installed on or devices have location pinpoint access (the user agrees to in User Agreements within that device) that are geographically located and marked.

This is why Local Marketing with Google is so powerful and all businesses should be utilizing Google My Business. GaasDigital Marketing can manage your GMB listing(s), as we are A “Google Agency” that can manage thousands of locations.

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Google My Business is the #1 local exposure marketing channel

Take the headache away freeing up time for your family and friends while knowing your optimized managed listing(s) with Gaasdigital.com is generating leads. 

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