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We can help you grow your business by Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Do you have a website, online store (e-commerce) or are you a blogger (foodie)? Optimizing for search engines is now more crucial than ever.

Local search traffic should be your first online marketing solution to engage with your customers.

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Specialized ⚡ Local Level Business Growth :

GaasDigital Marketing help and work with Non Profit / Community.

Digital Marketing with a difference, we are committed to your online business growth helping with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Local SEO and Search Engine Marketing (SEM). We will help generate an abundance of relevant high-quality leads for your Business, Brand or Services. Take action – email us today. 

Shopping or Ecommerce stores (e-commerce) has seen a major online boom, Covid-19 as shoppers were forced to stay home. Small businesses and local stores (vendors) have all made the digital push, adapted in all areas with things such as:

  • content marketing
  • email marketing
  • social media spend
  • zoom (webinars, meeting)
  • curb-side pickup (delivery)
  • online ordering
  • podcasting, mobile apps (Tik-Tok etc)
  • business start-ups

It also created a lot more web pages, spammers, scammers etc.

Innovation in AI, machine learning, new tools for small business, online training. Not all businesses are equal just as there are, winners and there are losers.

Search engine optimization is crucial, it’s better to start sooner then later, as SEO results are not set in stone. Search engines take and need time to crawl websites and the links to and from yours.

Take charge of your placement online, getting noticed and gaining valuable search traffic.

Resources for Dauphin, Manitoba | CANADA

Our Company “GaasDigital Marketing” is located in Manitoba, Canada. Some helpful local links for Dauphin, Manitoba.

We provide online services that help search engines understand and show your content, products or services (web pages “website” optimized for search).

Optimizing for a local audience is “targeted for the selected location (geographical) where you do business”, through various digital channels, depending on your niche and service area(s).

Grow your online visibility

Digital Marketing and online growth at the local level.

Why GaasDigital Marketing?

We’re a Seo Services Company helping (*any targeted location) businesses with local seo search, usually starting with a Google My Business (GMB) verified listing, we also provide services for managing and optimizing current listings. 

We use a holistic style approach as a Company utilizing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with organic results that are long-term and ever-green.

Web pages or websites need to comply with webmaster guidelines and internet standards, this is one reason you hire a professional specializing in this Digital Marketing field of Search Engine Optimization.

Not all businesses need or might be ineligible for GMB listings such as lead generation and online stores (e-commerce). Some digital marketing agencies offer too many options leading to poorly managed website done with shady, spammy tactics. 🙄

Local Search or Local Seo is a very powerful seo strategy and massive marketing channel that compounds consumers finding your business without much effort other then a “search engine” itself or internet browser (Google chrome, firefox, safari etc).

Did you create a website/blog and it’s nowhere to be found on Google? Search engine updates/algorithms got you fuming? Are you spending, wasting money on paid Ads to have them placed or managed wrong and not reaching the proper audience?

Google Search Engine and “Google Maps” or “Local Packs” has proven track records of providing the end user with the most relevant, closest geographical and accurate information the fastest. If you would like your business listing optimized and or managed we can certainly help contact us.

Optimizing Google My Business Listing?

Google My Business is one the most under utilized marketing strategy channel for starting your business and or enhancing the Business listing you already own.

You can setup a free listing with Google (GMB) but it also brought all kinds of Businesses, legitimate or not creating and trying to manage one or numerous account listings without taking into considerations the Guidelines for those listings. Gaasdigital.com abides by all Webmaster Guidelines not only Google My Business.

Say NO to spammy links. You need managed content and proper distribution in front of the right audience. Be the authority in your market. Google has stated that mobile usage (responsive) will remain priority over websites that lack being responsive.

The Digital World and or Digital Marketing has been transformed by Covid-19 pushing Brands and Businesses to adapt moving forward roughly five years. Also realizing the huge market potential of search engine optimization, paid Ads, GMB and how much of an impact it has on there business.

Maybe you want to start off small at the local level with a GMB listing then building your brand with a website or blog (Dauphin, Parkland Area, Winnipeg or maybe not even in Manitoba? ) Targeted Facebook (Meta) ads and other ad placements also drive traffic and results.

Verify and claim your GMB listing so that your Business or service can be found is the easiest and fastest marketing channel. We optimize web pages as part of our seo strategy which we go over at the Assessment stage explained at our services page.

GaasDigital Marketing will help grow your traffic and reach customers online. Search Engine Optimization (SEO Services) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM). On-page and off-page optimization.

We can manage your local search listings in the USA and Canada making sure your business/company is being seen on the right directories and (citations) in front of the right people.

Did you know that 1 out of every 3 Businesses are not verified or are unlisted with GMB. Wow!

Make your business more searchable using location and or “geo targeting”. Wouldn’t be nice to target a smart phone as someone walks by your business with a discount code or a promotion?

More on SEO and Google.

Keyword research is a major component of being on top of the (SERP) Search Engine Results Page and building an online presence. Your in and outbound content marketing is a great start while gaining momentum. Organic listing in the SERP with Search engine optimization (SEO) takes time and will not happen overnight, and reason enough you need to get started now before your competitor does.

Don’t let your website designer/builder leave you hanging and falling from the Spike of Nope! Optimize your web site with (SEO) and take charge of your placement with GaasDigital Marketing.

Local search (local seo) should be priority, keep your audience engaged, informed and leaving positive reviews. Do you want your local products/services seen in front of searching customers ready to buy or in need of your service?

Taking advantage of in-bound marketing, re-targeting, branding, brand awareness, reputation in turn for your efforts, will generate more leads, customers with possibilities to scale your business or service. 

Managing and or updating your business details can be time consuming and time is money. Businesses that are managed for Google my Business listings show up first in your local “Map Pack” or search (near me searches).

Directories and or review sites should keep you informed, updated and building healthy customer relationships. Building and linking these citations properly is crucial. Experts say a new business should try and build at least 20 citations within the first few months of opening up your business online.

Maybe you want to be a Local Google Guide that gives honest reviews, answer questions about businesses that you’ve been too. You can gain badges and other perks for google features.

What are organic listings in google search results?
screenshot example of an organic google search result
[ Google organic search result ]
What are paid ads in the search results?
Example search result screenshot of google ads
[ Google paid ads search result ]
What is the local “3 pack” / “map pack” in a Google search?

Served up by google search engine with an algorithm of local factors for ranking which are (relevance, prominence, and distance). Therefore wherever your physical search location is may have different results even, in the same city. Claiming your business properly and having it managed is good authority / prominence.

Verified local business directory for Google’s search engine with descriptions, your location, products, hours of service, news, promotions, service area if applicable. Recently Google added COVID-19 guidance as well that can be added to your business.

google screenshot of an example 3 pack local search
[ 3 pack local google search example ]

It sure is disappointing to read a search result in the local/map pack as for “hours of operation” and or “covid-19” precautions then going to that business only to find out they aren’t even open.

Businesses need to be up to date consistently with current NAP (Name, Address, Phone)

Search Engine Optimization at the Local level. Search Engine Marketing can ignite your audience done the right way. Local targeted ads are here to stay.

Infographic on Google Brand Discovery is fairly new and brought great consumer insights.  There has been a massive shift to mobile and other touchpoints.

46% of Google searches are local and 4.4 billion searches a day! (livestat) Yes that is a B billion and Google Dominates Search at over 90% of all searches!

Google updates algorithms daily and major updates on average every 3 months. Keeping up to date is not only frustrating but very time consuming. Gaasdigital.com live, eat, and breathe Search Engines and Marketing.

Google does hand out penalties or can de-list/suspend web pages and or GMB listings for non compliance which means your products or web pages may not be seen.

Google is only one search engine but they do seem to be paving the way. Maybe you want to be be seen on Microsoft (Bing), Yahoo, DuckDuckgo or maybe how to manage your ecommerce products. For an example Amazon, built a search engine for the massive amount of products. Do you have a product(s) you want the whole world to see? Local? Take Action!

Listen to Your Customers.

Understanding (data/metrics) analytics acquired from your website traffic is part of the ongoing process and strategy providing valuable insights. Your Content Engine is GaasDigital GO GET IT!

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