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We also provide Local Search Engine Optimization, local SEO is precisely focusing on a “local audience” of brick-and-mortar, service area businesses (SAB) or stores with physical locations customers can visit.

Local Search | Search Engine Optimization

If you want your Business Website or online store appearing (ecommerce) more frequent and prominent on Search Engines aka “Google”, look no further. Get in touch today.

A Google Business Profile, formally ‘Google My Business’ listing is a great start to local marketing, brand building and more exposure in the Google “map pack” or “local pack” on top of search results.

The majority of searches are done at the local level seeking businesses or services that are within close distances and relevant. 

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SEO & Local Search

Improving search engine visibility for local businesses and improving your online presence.

Web Design

Fast, reliable optimized mobile friendly websites. Your business deserves a well designed website .

image of text for an introduction into the article (explanation of SEM and SEO)

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Google Paid Search and Display Management. needs more lorem to drop down txtin tablet mode or try chaning image?

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Web Maintenance & Hosting

Maintenance on a monthly basis with affordable eco-friendly website hosting

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Google Business Profile Management

(aka Google My Business) Your Google listing should be part of your local marketing strategy

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Content Marketing

Content Marketing & Content Creation. Not all businesses have the time or resources creating content. We can help

GaasDigital Marketing is a dedicated ‘Boutique Agency that specializes in Local SEO, Search Engine Optimization & Paid Ads (Google Ads)

GBP Management Service⭐ (Google My Business)

Do you want to increase website traffic?

We can discover your ideal customers gaining more leads, sales, conversions and increase revenue.

Why GaasDigital Marketing?

A passionate team offering to grow your business optimizing your webpages (website) for search engines ensuring your brands relevance and integrity.

You can relax with confidence leaving it to the professionals at GaasDigital Marketing. Enjoy the benefits of our seo experts today and gain:

  • Higher rankings
  • Better visibility
  • More customers, sales
  • Targeted Qualified leads
  • Better CRO (conversion rate optimization)
  • Higher return on ROI

Awarded GaasDigital Marketing– Best SEO Agency in Winnipeg, Manitoba 🚀

SocialAppsHQ - Best Rated SEO Agencies, Winnipeg (Winner 2023)
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SEO services now serving Ecommerce Stores & Small Businesses

New designated service page for E-commerce Stores and Small businesses.

We look forward to helping Mom-n-Pop (brick-and-mortar) local businesses get online exposure creating targeted clicks, more sales and foot traffic through the door.

E-commerce products need detailed information, updated on a regular basis, such as inventory and descriptions. SEO for E-commerce websites can get a bit confusing, the structure (navigation) needs to be optimized as well.

GaasDigital Marketing will help grow your online traffic with a targeted approach in (SEO) Search Engine Optimization reaching customers online for your products or service.

Our SEO approach involves a four pillar strategy that consists of:

  1. Technical SEO
  2. Content and User Experience
  3. On-Site SEO
  4. Off-Site SEO

We break down detailing more information on these four pillars at the bottom of our (local – Winnipeg, Manitoba) seo page.Utilizing PPC with a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy that includes local seo, keywords is a powerful “search engine marketing”

Utilizing PPC with a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy that includes local seo, keywords is powerful “Search Engine Marketing”

We help search engines to serve your content via web pages and having those web pages optimized. Helping Google find and understand your pages is our priority. A targeted approach of content, brand and link building also using insights/analytics with A/B testing that is a proven online marketing strategy.

Also utilizing in and outbound marketing, providing fresh content or content upgrades with a targeted approach will leave the customer engaged, informed and returning. 😌

What is SEO or Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization is placing your content online and having it placed higher on a SERP (Search Engine Results Page) or search query in an unpaid natural way (Organic). Search Engines such as Google, Bing, Duckduckgo learn and change. It is a proven process that is repeatable and measurable.

SEM vs SEO: What’s the Difference and Who can it Help❓

Search Engine Marketing vs Search Engine Optimization: We explain the difference between SEM and SEO in organic search as well as paid marketing and how and if you need both in your business marketing strategy.

SEO is a major component of Online Marketing

  • Organic Search – A natural (holistic) approach utilizing keywords/phrases, structure, and schema mark-up to gain traffic and clicks that is very targeted and a proven approach.
  • Local Search / Local SEO is our dedicated website page explaining in more detail why a local marketing strategy is in demand with components that can help you today. 
  • Local search services is the fastest way to get in front of local customers searching near you “near me searches”.
  • It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, we can target your local area.
  • Google My Business or Google Business Profile listings are all about local, if you are targeting local, then taking advantage of GMB now “GBP listings is the easiest and smartest solution.
  • Gaasdigital Marketing also has a dedicated page as part of our service – Managed Google  Business Profile listings as stand-alone and is one major part of our long-term SEO strategy.
  • Paid Search – Targeted marketing channel/Google Ads.
  • Local Citations – Citation building (public relations) for authority and prominence.


Not all Businesses are equal nor seek the same type of services from an SEO or Digital Marketer, that’s why having an assessment of your business by a trusted SEO professional is essential.

Determining where you are now and where you would like to see your business. Having good structure and internal linking of your website ” web pages” is important, as it allows search engine crawlers to crawl and index the pages easier and faster taking less time.

There are now so many search result types “anything different besides regular blue search result links” results such as:

  • featured (rich) snippets
  • knowledge panel
  • events
  • paid ads
  • FAQ
  • recipes
  • map and local packs just to name a few.


We will help you build authority focusing on trust and expertise. There are so many small technical aspects with search engine optimization that it can become overwhelming very quickly. We build campaigns that get results and are responsive on all platforms/devices (mobile) and all web browsers.

GBP result listings are geolocation (geographical location of user) marked and you must have a physical address (brick and mortar) where customers visit your store at a location(s) or a service area where you go to other people’s business or home to provide a service.

Why Do I need SEO Services? <–

Having better placement on the search engine results page or SERP in a holistic organic way. Organic search traffic is the hardest to obtain and the most rewarding.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) compliment each other helping you grow and be seen in front of a targeted audience.

Interesting Search Engine Stats:
  • 46% of Google searches are local and 4.4 Billion searches a day! Yes that is a B Billion and Google Dominates Search at over 90% of all searches.
  • Google updates algorithms daily and major updates on average every 3 months. Keeping up to date is not only frustrating but very time consuming. Gaasdigital live, eat, and breathe Search Engines and Digital Marketing abiding by Webmaster Guidelines across all platforms.
  • Google revamped the old massive article down to a .pdf document that’s now 36 pages on “search quality rater’s guidelines. Main takeaway – Google uses machine algorithms and utilizes human rater’s viewing websites. Relying heavily on the user experience (UX, UI), content, structure and responsiveness on mobile.


Google does hand out penalties for non-compliance which means your products, or pages may not be seen. Monitoring Google Search Console and Analytics fixing errors is critical. Mobile friendly website designs are crucial and the new normal for developers.

Google is only one search engine but they do seem to be “paving the way” dominating searches. Maybe you want to be seen on Microsoft (Bing), Yahoo, DuckDuckgo or maybe need help with ad placement of your e-commerce products?

Complying with web standards

Complying with the W3 World Wide Consortium W3C (development of web standards) where it all started basically with the online world is crucial. Having valid html, css, javascript code keeps the playing field even and equal for designers that is a standard online across the world and creates web accessibility for all.

  • Weeding out spam, annoying, ugly and or hard to navigate websites while improving search experience (better results faster).


Best way to comply and be seen online in front of buyers is to optimize your pages for YOUR audience using SEO (search engine optimization). Creating accessibility for all users across all devices with fast website speed (loading time) and structured data. Analyzing the data and metrics, improving, updating, repurposing content or pages.

Do you have a product(s) or are you starting a new business? Not sure where to start? Contact Us Today 

Zero click searches and even voice search “Hey Google” has become popular and very much in demand for marketers. Optimizing web pages with schema mark-up also  popular and demanded as they are the results taking up all the real-estate on the search engine result page or (SERP).

Users are finding what they search for on the results page with no need to click ” zero click” the links or dive deeper for their answers or information.

Did you create a website and can’t find it? Search engine updates got you fuming? Are you spending money on Ads just to have them placed/managed wrong and not reaching the proper audience?

We provide (SEO) Search Engine Optimization, Web Design Services that get your business, products or service noticed online creating momentum and driving traffic.

Hearing your Customers and Understanding Traffic (data/metrics). Your Content Engine is Gaasdigital GO GET IT!

We can create targeted online traffic that reaches more customers, improving your visibility on search engine results page equaling more sales 💲 with better ROI. | Local Search Engine Optimization


Yes we sure do! Google Webmasters Essentials (formerly Webmaster Guidelines) are quite extensive. Combining content and context while creating a great user experience.

Yes, Google has explained this in the guidelines. Which states site speed is a ranking factor! It is only one ranking factor among many.

We can provide details information on those insights and metrics as well.

We would map a detailed actionable plan.

It’s not just about and website audit but the insight the audit provides.

Many websites have a  ( seo checker ) but it’s not the same as having a professional do a full SEO audit.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is optimizing, improving quality and quantity of online traffic in a natural “Organic/unpaid ” way. Creating better visibility for relevant searches.

A detailed page on SEM vs SEO What’s the Difference and who can it help? — SEM vs SEO: 

Search Engine Marketing or SEM is the promotion of marketing efforts for websites by means of Paid Media/Advertising, Paid Search, by increasing visibility in SERP (search engine results page).

So in today’s day and age we need to combine them search engine optimization (seo) with Search Engine Marketing (sem).

The very first thing you should do is verify and establish your business on Google My Business. If you feel uncomfortable verifying your business listing we can walk you through that process. A detailed (gmb) Google My Business Management Services Page for more information.

Build strong properly structured websites with great content following Web Guidelines aimed towards the user not search engines. Use paid media (PPC) to promote, advertise and be seen in front of the right audience. Combine In and Outbound marketing strategies with analytics/metrics.