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We will Grow your Business – GaasDigital Marketing.  It takes patience, expertise, a lot of time, and a lot of planning. We take pride in generating outstanding results.

  • We will not hit you over the head with up-sells, down-sells or whatever way-sells other Companies do.
  • Don’t lose sleep over the ‘new kid that just doesn’t get it’, or the need to spend more on paid ads
  • You can relax, saving time and money for the things that you’re good at.

Creating “search traffic (clicks)” with a targeted approach using search engine optimization (seo), your Business or Company will grow attracting more customers to your website and or Google My Business listing leading to more sales.

Getting noticed online is crucial to online marketing, our marketing agency streamline the process driving customers through the door helping your brand gaining valuable results (customers).

Ranking higher on a search engine results page (SERP) will always be competitive and ever changing which is why having the proper marketing approach is necessary. Being visible remains top priority while engaging with the right people at the right time.

Local online search traffic is an effective and important marketing channel to any business in order to get noticed and be seen. Our Winnipeg SEO service will help searching users find your products, business or services.

Relax and leave it to the people who know marketing online and Search Engines 🎯 GaasDigital Marketing

Digital Marketing with a difference, we are committed to online business growth helping with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Generating relevant high-quality leads for your Business, Brand or Service with long term growth. It all starts at the local level and we look forward to helping you with yours.

Winnipeg, Manitoba wants your products or services to get noticed online 🚩LOCAL

Winnipeg is the Capital City of Manitoba, “The Heart Of Canada” with a diverse business community of Professionals and Local Entrepreneurs. Winnipeg Chamber Of Commerce has great resources where you can stay in the local Winnipeg marketing loop promoting your business with things such as: featured/upcoming events, finding B2B contacts etc.

We have confidence that our dedicated Winnipeg SEO expert at GaasDigital Marketing can get your website appearing (if it’s not) in Google search results along with other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo.

Where is Winnipeg Manitoba?📍

Winnipeg, Manitoba is the Capital City of Manitoba,  according to Census Winnipeg (CMA) “Winnipeg Census Metropolitan Area”, having a population of over 850000 the 7th largest city in Canada.

Situated at “The Forks”, where two (2) rivers meet, the Red River and Assiniboine River. Well known for fur trading among early indigenous people using the river systems and also known as “the gateway to the west”.

Well known Festivals such as:

  1. Festival Du Voyageur (source “”) – Celebrating Fur trade of the past and unique French Heritage and Culture
  2. Winnipeg Folk Festival (source “”) – A non-profit charitable organization exceeding attendance of 70,000 people great for all ages. Summer concert line-up can be found on the website provided
  3. Folklorama (source ””) – The fabric of Manitoba with a very diverse culture. You can also arrange folklorama to your home.

Manitoba Chambers of Commerce has many “Local Manitoba” based resources as well for your business needs and helps foster local connections.

Why local SEO (search engine optimization)? Why Winnipeg?

Local online advertising, search engine marketing (SEM) is very lucrative with massive potential to drive customers through the door of your brick and mortar business and build your brand or service.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an on-going process that involves, optimizing web pages, structure, page load times and content quality helping search engines such as, Google, DuckDuckGo, and Bing show and understand your web pages (website) gaining trust.

You have to stay on top of these highly competitive markets and rise above your competition.

Let’s face it, unless you’re doing research, you’re not looking much past the first page of the results. The statistics show that “near me” searches on mobile in the last 2 years have grown 500%” local intent at the local level is massive, not only at the “services” and “restaurants” level but for “products” as well.

Professionals at GaasDigital Marketing have the knowledge and understanding how search engines work and how to gain valuable user insights.

Search Engine algorithms are well defined instructions with a ranking system in place, and change often with numerous impacts on website owners. Keeping up-to-date on an ever changing digital landscape.

You’ve come to the right place. Search engine optimization services company serving Winnipeg, Manitoba – Contact us.

Local search is a very powerful channel for your products or service to be in front of the right audience at the local level.

Analyzing user traffic gives us insights and data on how those users interact on your website that allow you to further test and or target (re-market).

Large websites/blogs with numerous web pages that contain a lot of content, can be difficult to understand without the right tools. We can also utilize other strategies as well such as heat-maps, which allows us to see where users are clicking the most on your web pages.

At our assessment stage we do a live phone call and or a website audit where we set the stage and figure out where you are now and where you want to be. Take action! Contact Us.

Local Customers/Clients

  • Whopping 88% percent of local smartphone users visit or call the store within a day (source)
  • 46% percent of searches are local
  • “near me” searches grew 900% in the last two years
  • 67% percent of smartphone users want tailored local ads
  • 86% percent of consumers rely on the internet to find a local business (source)

Online Growth: Digital & Content Marketing at the local level.

Why GaasDigital Marketing?

We are a dedicated Company helping businesses with local online search or “local SEO in Winnipeg“, we also build long term organic inbound marketing strategies. Search Engine Optimization to gain search engine Rank does take time ( a lot of time 🙄).. With proper website structure, (schema mark-up), process and analysis it’s just a matter of time to see results 👀….

Sometimes a proper website audit is all that is needed to find fixes (bugs) that can be implemented fast with noticeable results such as missing heading tags or dead end (404 links), keywords etc.

The first step is to get in touch with us and we will discuss and tailor a solution that best fits your business model and if nothing else point you in the right direction as we are very transparent here at GaasDigital Marketing.

What are Google Local Service Ads?

LSA’s or Google local service advertising… the Google Guarantee Badge (with examples) was introduced to help reduce spam (fake reviews and ratings)

Getting noticed in front of the right audience at the right time is a key component to having a successful online marketing plan.

We are also a ‘Boutique Agency’ that (Manages Google Business Profiles, GBP listings and optimizes current listings).

These online marketing channels (GBP being free to use) and local search marketing (organic listings – website), (paid ads) are used together zeroing in on authority and credibility while building your search listing having your brand stand out.

We have a dedicated page with more information on GMB. Go ahead and check that out because we build dedicated search campaigns based on your business needs and of course budget during our assessment stage. Not all business needs are met via the same online marketing channels or in the same market (niche).

Local search is a massive marketing channel that lets consumers find local businesses, services and or products without much effort other than a smartphone.

Web Designer doesn’t care about your SEO Web Page?

You may need a SEO specialist that has the knowledge of where and what SEO efforts (technical, on-page, off-page etc) will benefit your company or businesses website. Today or in 2021 content marketing is becoming very popular, demanded by brands and businesses. You may need old content upgraded or repurposed, which can put a whole new spin on marketing and save on paying content copywriters. There is always a right solution for every business.

Seasonality can also play a large role for remarketing, sales or promotion.

Did you create a website/blog and can’t find it? Nothing is worse than putting so much time and effort into a website being personal or business, and it never even gets seen on Google (heck what’s a sitemap and how do I connect Search Console or any Analytic monitoring?) Search engine updates can be very aggravating as rankings can go up and down. Spending money on Ads having them placed or managed wrong and not reaching the proper audience?

Jam (or copy and paste) your website URL into this tool from google or send it to me with a nice message, I can then review it and send you a detailed report. The tool is Google Pagespeed Insights (source), notice the tabs after you analyze the URL in the tool. One for Mobile and One for Desktop, you might want to analyze both. There are many tools available free for this purpose but this one is “Google ” and as the stats show dominate search. (and remember mobile first indexing?)


Has Digital Marketing Changed?

The Digital World and or Digital Marketing has been transformed by Covid-19 pushing Brands and Businesses to adapt moving forward roughly five years. Also realizing the huge market potential Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Paid Ads, Google My Business (GMB) has made on their business.

We can Manage your local search listings in the USA and Canada making sure your business/company is being seen on the right directories and (citations) in front of the right audience.

1 out of every 3 Businesses are not verified or are unlisted with GMB.

Make your business more searchable using location and or Geo Targeting “Map Pack”.

More on SEO and Google.

Keyword research is a major component of being on top of the (SERP) Search Engine Results Page and building an online presence. Your in and outbound content marketing is a great start to gain momentum and be seen in front of the right searching users. Don’t let your website builder/designer or team leave you hanging and falling from the Spike of Nope! Optimize your website or web pages with (SEO) and take charge of your placement with GaasDigital Marketing.

Local search should be a priority to keep your audience engaged, informed and leaving positive reviews. Do you want your local products/services seen in front of searching customers ready to buy or in need of your service? (uh, uh ya but how?) This is what we at, live, breath online and search marketing so please do get in touch today.

Managing and or updating your business details can be time consuming and time is money. Businesses that are managed and optimized such as Google my Business listings show up first in your local Map pack or search listings (near me searches).

Managing your GMB listing and other important directories and or review sites keeping you informed, updated and building healthy customer relationships should be a priority. Building and linking these citations properly is a crucial step and one of many reasons Google suspends GBP listings. Experts say a new business should try and build at least 20 citations within the first few months of opening up business doors.

What are organic listings in google search results?

screenshot of organic search listing on google

What are paid ads in the search results?

local paid google search ad screenshot

Served up by google search engine with an algorithm of local factors for ranking which are (relevance, prominence, and distance). Therefore wherever your physical search location is may have different results even, in the same city. Claiming your business properly and having it managed is good authority/prominence. It also gives search engines multiple avenues to trust your Company, Products or Brand resulting in more clicks and trust (traffic).

Businesses need and should be up to date consistently with current NAP (Name, Address, Phone) and are encouraged to engage with customers.

46% of Google searches are local and 4.4 billion searches a day! (livestat) Yes that is a B billion and Google Dominates Search at over 90% of all searches!

Google does hand out penalties and or can de-list/suspend web pages and or GBP listings for non compliance which means your products or web pages may not be seen. All web pages, analytics should be monitored and optimized to reduce that from happening. We provide monthly reports on all services so you stay informed and up to date.

Web pages need to be optimized for mobile and be responsive (website speed) as mobile is being indexed first before the desktop version or browser (Search Engine). It all comes down to the user experience and the ease of use or navigation, and who doesn’t want a fast loading website?

No matter how pretty and nice your website may seem on a desktop it looks totally different on a smartphone so marketers, web designers have either adapted or are playing catch up.

Conclusion – (take-away)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a proven process that relies heavily on how search engines work (the process), how they index the data (store and understand the data).

Search engines work mainly by machine learning algorithms, a set of processes or rules. Those rules are sets of ranking factors. SEO Service specialists are always learning and keeping up to date with different search engines and the process in which they crawl web pages.

SEO and managed optimized business listings (GBP), (Bing Places) along with targeted paid ads is a proven process. We are strictly (white hat) and abide by all webmaster guidelines.

Our Search Engine Optimization or SEO strategy consists and based on Four Pillars.

A proven technique which we go over during our assessment stage and or our on-boarding process. The foundation of our process and the four pillars at a glance are:

  1. Technical SEO
      • sitemaps
      • robots.txt
      • responsiveness, security (https), speed (speed does matter)
      • structure – (how deep is the menu or navigation? categories) we must make it easy for users to navigate and get the relevant and most useful information the fastest.


  2. Content and User Experience
    • Quality – Unique Content
    • Keywords – Clusters, Phrases
    • Recency – Fresh and frequently updated
    • Type – Text, Video, Images other Media
    • Relevancy – Does the content match the search, how relevant is it)
    • Navigation – Flow of content is easy for users and has logical information
    • Look and Feel – Does it represent your Brand, visually appealing, do users enjoy interacting.
    • Usability – Does it perform and aligns to visitor expectations
  3. On-Site SEO
    • Page Titles and Meta Descriptions
    • Heading Tags (H1-H6) – So search engines can recognize the tags and what information is within
    • Alt Text – well written descriptions on images for accessibility
    • Internal Linking – let users easily click through to other pages such as topic cluster, by-pass link juice
    • Structured Data – Placed snippet of code for precise content of a webpage in proper context
  4. Off-Site SEO
    • Links that point from other webpages to your website while websites can pass authority to the linked content from one page to another
    • Local Search, such as Maps may that be Google Maps or Apple and is key component
    • Social Media SEO – link from Social Media accounts such as Facebook can help as well

GaasDigital Marketing creates your branded monthly reports as an ongoing basis with monthly tasks that is an ongoing checklist. A strategy starts with focusing on areas that serve to have the most impact and revisiting continually to evolve, improve and climb ranking in search engine results.

Local SEO Services & Digital Marketing - Canada

Providing local SEO in Winnipeg to help drive online traffic.. You can relax leaving the messy technical parts to the Professionals at GaasDigital Marketing give us a call.